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Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Hero

Earlier this week, on my drive home from work, I heard on the radio that Robin Williams was dead. I've not been able to form my thought around this post until now, and even still they seem inadequate, but here it goes.

   Mork taught me to see the world in an absurd if beautifully honest way, and have always tried to emulate that frame of mind ever since.  Alan taught me that, sometimes, your fears can take from you everything you love and that, in those moments, you must dig deep to find your courage and fight for what you really want. John was the only one who could finally convince me that pursuing your dreams and doing what you were born to do, even when faced with insurmountable opposition, was far better than giving up, even when the consequences could be dire. I learned the power of honesty from Adrian, and from Jakob I learned that it was sometimes better to lie. And Peter, dear sweet Peter. He taught me how important it is to never forget where you've come from, who you were and who you are. We are different people everyday, and if we're not careful, we may lose track of ourselves.
   I would like to go on, and fully explain how important Robin is to me, but somehow I know I'll fall short, and so what I've written will have to suffice. As far back as I can remember, Robin Williams has been my favorite actor. And as much as I miss him, I can only imagine how devastating it has been for his family. Truly, my thoughts and prayers go out to them and I hope we may all continue to find joy through all that he did for us.

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